L arginine

Edited to add that I just read through some comments and saw that someone asked me to talk more about L Arginine. Well, I did simply because I saw that there was a search term and wanted to warn anyone about potential problems. That was just ME. It might help you out but I know that if you have lining issues there are studies that show tamoxifen can help and so can viagra. I’ll look for that information for anyone it can help and post later..


So, as anyone who has read this blog knows, I have two healthy embryos in storage. I know their sexes (I can’t say how but I do – sex of a child means nothing, believe me – I’d be equally thrilled with a boy or a girl….but I do know that I have one of each on ice. It was a slip of the tongue, so to speak but I caught it). Enough of that. After my last lining got to around a 7 and change, I cancelled myself and flew home. I would not proceed without an 8 or even a 9 even if it was triple stripe. Always ask about your lining (exact measurements) and do not transfer if you aren’t at an 8. I know plenty of people get pregnant with thinner linings (like me – but it ended in sad news – for me that is -a normal female). Back to l arginine. I started taking it for a number of months. About three months ago I started having awful pains. Terrible pains. I had an upper GI and a colonoscopy and nothing. Then an ultrasound showed inflammation in my pancreas. I was scared out of my mind. I had a CAT scan and they found nothing. I stopped the L Arginine and Vitamin E….and the pain went away. I read quite a bit and it seems that l arginine can cause pancreatic inflammation. So I wanted to throw that out there as another thing to be aware. I’d do anything to be able to carry but not if it is going to further mess with my chances at surviving to mother my existing child and hopefully his sibling or siblings. I think I’ll blog more. I don’t really talk much about what is going on with our quest for a sibling. My husband and I don’t even really talk about it. I think we both feel backed into the corner with one last hope. If that fails, I don’t know what I will do. I seriously don’t and that is the worst thing of all. I’ve always had a plan. I just can’t emphasize enough – if you want to have a child, go to a great doctor. Don’t mess around with a smaller clinic with horrible stats. Go where they are having success. If I had gone to CCRM in 2008, I would not be writing this blog still. Or I would not be writing about the empty crib in our nursery. I’d be done. But I tooled around with local REs and here we are….live and learn. I could have gone to college, became an MD, bought all of the equipment to conduct my own invitro by now with the money we’ve spent (not to mention the money we are going to spend). I can’t even thing about it….thank God for credit unions.


One thought on “L arginine

  1. can you write a post about the purpose of taking L Arginine? is it to improve the lining? it’s new to me. it’s easy to beat yourself up about “could have/should haves.” try try try not to. If i knew then what i knew now, i probably should have had unprotected sex in my twenties, even though I was unmarried, and just dealt with the difficulties of raising a child alone. but how can you know until you know? hang in there. it is awesome you still have your two on ice.

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