That was a lot of viewing today.  Where in the heck did everyone come from?  Did y’all subscribe?  Ha.  I wrote Y’all.  Shoot me.  

Still, I can’t believe so many people read my little update.  Only my mom an a few friends know about the surrogacy.  I guess many I should tell the others but I’m trying not to jinx it.  I’m still wondering if I should try to transfer one to me.  I still think I could do it if I could convince CCRM to give me tamoxifen.  Yes, that is what my former RE told me that he does for women who will not form a proper lining.  Sounds contrary to the goal if I know how tamoxifen works but he told me that trials have shown that it makes people bleed.  He told me that in one instance his patient went from having no more than a lining of 2mm to 10mm.  If this works, why can’t I have it?  Why should a pill come between me and the goal?  I have the IVIG waiting, I need to get it into my veins, that is it.  Oh I don’t know.  I just can’t make up my mind on this one. I’m terrified of the GS getting hurt (this would be her third set of twins).  She has kids of her own.  What if something awful happened to anyone?  I just don’t want to stress her.  Ok, two blogs for one day is enough.   Especially when one is so happy I sound like a fruitcake and the next I’m clearly unstable.


Call me tired.  Thanks for reading.  Now that I know you actually do read, I’ll post more…I have been reading about DNA fingerprinting which would make it possible to accurately predict which embryos are compatible with life.  The study I saw was 100 percent of the test group with DNA fingerprinting went on to have a child.  The other group, nobody got pregnant.  Of course this is a big business so don’t expect this to be starting at your local IVF clinic any time soon.  Hell, if I can find out how to do it and win the lottery (it would help if I played), I will open up a clinic with free DNA fingerprinting.  The cost for IVF will be the cost of materials and the doctor’s time – I bet that would be 3K a cycle…..max.


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