Someone once said….if you keep looking for trouble you are going to find trouble.

Whoever said that is an asshole but true.

So yesterday must have been my 1000th hysteroscopy. I told him that there is no way I will stay awake (like a certain doctor once did to me – hell, I was awake for a d&c with just a little valium and that was not right).

This time the uterus was fine BUT the doctor asked, “so did anyone mention that your uterus has a sort of cliff or a bulge to it”. What? A bulge. So it was explained as more of a septum. After all these tests and laps and hysteroscopies (which isn’t even a word so says my spell check). After all of that. I’m talking 300K.

300K and now I get this.

The good doctor explained that it probably wouldn’t impede any implantation but that it probably was the reason for my preterm labor. He told me I could probably hold twins but not triplets.

Funny. I just want to hold anything.

So I’m in a funny spot, doing the buildup of my lining to see how it will grow. Using the vivelle dots (or strips as I would rather call them) and seeing where all of this goes. I want to put the embryos back in by early October. It is time.

I’m so scared it won’t work and so scared that it will and I’ll lose them. Why can’t I just get pregnant and, well, be like everyone else? It is still a mystery but I’m piecing it together. The completely crazy chromosomal disasters that are most of my embryos take two to tango. I can’t blame that on just me and I am still making normal eggs at age 41 so that is good. The fact that I have two normals on ice is even better but typically they only work with women with a normal uterus. Do I have a normal uterus? I’m not sure anymore.

I do have normal, open fallopian tubes. How nice.


Tomorrow…IVF #5

I just realized the story of 4 has been told. Tomorrow I will elaborate on 5 and 6 – get them out of the way so we can focus on 7 and 8. Yes, I’m planning on doing 2 back to back with the hope of having 1 or 2 normals. Will do CGH. “What is that?” asks the member of the public… it, I say.

I know I said I’d give the topic of my uterus, vagina and ovaries a rest for 2 weeks but damn if that isn’t hard! I want to talk about them! A lot!

oh right….I was wrong! I might do micro array and not CGH. Again, google it if you really want to know. For slackers – it is a way to find out if the embryo that IVF has created has normal chromosomes. This greatly improves the chances of pregnancy – especially in “geriatric” mothers to be.