This every day posting isn’t so bad..I have news! After two years with no sign of my period (I thought I was in menopause) I got a period. I have never been so shocked in my life. I thought it was all over (red rover). So perhaps there is hope for a FET? I’m wondering why now?! How in the heck?

No, I’m not pregnant…it just came!

I waited all my adolescence to get one and then found them intensely painful. After they stopped out of the blue it worried me. I have to confess that I felt sad, somehow less womanly (ridiculous,I know). It seemed so final and now this.

Yes, you just received an update about someone in the works who is delighted to have their period. Odd indeed..

Until tomorrow’s excitement!!!!


One thought on “Wow

  1. Lol! I have to laugh as I’ve been the same! No periods for over 5 years due to POF now after my DE miracle every month like clockwork!! And I’m so happy to see my old friend! Cramps, cravings and headaches and all!

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