More waiting….

UGH. I hate talking to him on the phone. I get all nervous like I’m talking to a first boyfriend for the first time or…like I have my entire family’s future in someone else’s hands. He was in a good mood. I had written him a note about the surrogate and my reasons for not understanding why she would not be a candidate. He is planning to take my note to a meeting with the other doctors to discuss the matter as a group. He didn’t give me much hope but I told him that this is my only option. I also reiterated that I do not think a singleton in her body would be a problem. I discussed my own issues maintaining a pregnancy and of course opened up another can of worms – he won’t transfer two to me (if it gets to that which I sincerely hope it does not). The bottom line for me is that I do not want to be 50 and still making babies. He laughed and told me that I wouldn’t….but if I can’t have a surrogate then who is going to give birth to them? Me.

So he is going to let them read my letter – which was pretty good. I’d post it but don’t want to reveal too much about her so we’ll leave it at that. Back to waiting.

I did reiterate that she is my only option. Hopefully that will get him to reconsider? I hope so.

Happy Tuesday!


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