Now I am mad. And more…

So it doesn’t take much to get me going these days…but the nasty review on Carolyn Savage’s book (check out amazon or under her book) – it is the most recent review with 3 stars and is an UGLY attack on a good woman. I am just seeing red about it. She is a friend, as I’ve mentioned, and does not deserve such crap. Anyway, check out her book. It tells a poignant story and if any human being deserved to have the family that she wants it is her and her husband Sean. Why don’t people get it?

Back to my ranting. I have seen so many autistic kids lately. I’ve recently admitted two on the spectrum to my school (both high functioning but need help socializing). The parents are so desperate to help their kids. So I’m reading everything about it and of course potential food issues behind it. Let me diverge a bit and talk about the food we are eating. It is on my mind and should be on yours too. I’m halfway convinced that my consumption of dairy/gluten is to blame for a lot of things and going to give the paleo diet a try. I’m not a huge fan of fads but I am all for sustainable, organic, healthy options for me and for my family. If you are trying to get pregnant – cut out all fish (to be safe) and limit your carbs. One in 55 boys are now affected. That screams environmental exposure in my opinion. We can start by demanding that the food we eat carry labels on it – no mystery names for carcinogens. I’ll post more as I see fit but this is still very much a blog about CCRM, MICROARRAY, CGH and seeing if a 44 year old can kick odds to the curb blog. But there has to be a what if in all events? It could be a food blog? A conspiracy theory blog? But not a baby blog. I’ll always be infertile even if my family is complete (which, by the way, is up to the family – sending love to the Savages for being rockstar parents).

Check this out: (EDITED TO REMOVE THE WORD MOM – you don’t have to be a MOM to care about our food and…every woman who wants to be a mother is a childless MOM – I digress).

PEOPLE have a right to know what they feed their families.

Take action today

Ask a PERSON in your life to contact the FDA and help us reach 1.2 million supporters NOW!

EDITED TO ADD – SORRY I LET THE M DAY and MOM thing get past me – won’t happen again.

Dear Suzanne,

My youngest daughter’s face began to swell shut at breakfast one day – and I had no idea why. We were only eating waffles, scrambled eggs, and tubes of blue yogurt…so what was happening to her?

Before my daughter had a violent allergic reaction that morning, I honestly hadn’t given a lot of thought to what I fed my kids. I mean, if it was on grocery store shelves, it was all the same, right?

But since then, like so many PEOPLE, I learned that there are all kinds of new ingredients in our foods that weren’t in what we ate as kids. That’s why we need labels.

More than one million people like you have already contacted the FDA in support of labeling genetically engineered foods – and now we’re so close to a new milestone. Help ratchet up the pressure on the FDA by getting us to 1.2 million supporters by Mother’s Day.

Forward this short video loaded with data to some of the moms in your life. Urge them to sign Just Label It’s petition to the FDA before May 13.

Why moms? WHY NOT ALL PEOPLE TOO??? – S – Because what we want is simple: information to keep our kids healthy. YES BUT SO DOES EVERYONE!! That’s why so many of us pay attention to labels, and why I shared my story in this video filmed by the writer and director of Food, Inc. We have a right to know what we are feeding our kids, like moms in other countries already have. It’s a simple Mother’s Day request to the FDA: mandate labels for GMOs.

And the time is now. All kinds of changes are happening to our food supply: from meat fillers that we didn’t know were in there to a salmon that has been genetically engineered to produce growth hormones year-round that cause the fish to grow at twice its natural rate. We need more people to contact the FDA to demand the right to know what we are eating.

If more of us speak out this month, we’ll show the FDA that moms and others across America want to know how their food is produced. Please, watch this video, and then share it with at least one mom today.

Thank you for taking the time to do this. Together, we can affect remarkable change.

Robyn O’Brien
AllergyKids Foundation

We’re building a movement of concerned citizens – parents, health care workers, small business owners, farmers, and more – who care about what’s in the food we eat.

In October 2011, the Just Label It campaign was formed when the Center for Food Safety filed a petition with the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to require the labeling of all foods produced using genetic engineering. Days later, we asked citizens from around the country to join us and tell the FDA to “Just Label It.” More than 1.1 million Americans have contacted to the FDA urging them to label genetically engineered foods. Ask others to sign on at

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