Sidelined (I benched myself!). Thin lining.

I left you all hanging! So sorry!!!! My lining grew to a measly 7 mm. Triple stripe. Doctor suggested I move forward but I canceled. I’m now going to try again in September. I spoke to my old RE who suggested tamoxifen to help build uterine linings (I cannot believe this is happening but may explain why I keep miscarrying). I’m a little surprised that I was told to go ahead with a thin lining. My new nurse encouraged me to trust the doctor but it wasn’t Schoolcraft on duty so I just decided to trust my gut. My old nurse, when I went in to tell her my feelings that I should not proceed with a thin lining, told me that she agreed and that she thinks I can do better.

So there you go. The truth is, I’m in no shape to be pregnant. Too much stress and even though it has nothing to do with getting pregnant, it does have something to do with staying pregnant. I’ve started taking Vitamin E and L-arginine as there is study that shows improvement with linings and addition of these supplements (and vaginal viagra but the doctor won’t give it to me). I’m going to ask about tamoxifen….we’ll see. I also started B complex and noticed an immediate change to my anxiety (especially morning anxiety – can you imagine waking up at 6:30am and feeling like you need a xanax…it isn’t fun).

Thanks for checking in on me and I appreciate the comments and notes. I wish life was a bit easier but it just isn’t.

I encourage anyone who is going through IF to always trust your gut, research until your eyes hurt and know your body. Do not put your faith and trust in any doctor as YOU know your body best and if you don’t – get to know it. That is the best advice I could give anyone and wish I knew this ten years ago.


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