Transfer time

Lining close to 8 and growing. CCRM seem to be the master of dropping balls these days. Hello? Toooooo big. Big money maker, eh? Well doctors, this is my last shot so you better hope you give me some attention. I cannot believe the number of times my new nurse has lost my annual or couldn’t find one if the 500 consents I sign and fax as a part time job. I want this over as much as I want it to work for a number of reasons. A is adamant that he will have a brother and a sister. He even got the name right…snake we have not uttered since he was in utero.

So I am going to be poked and prodded and try not to think about work. Sorry I’m a shitty blogger but I truly found something that makes my life complete even if I have Alex and done. Now I have hugs from kids each day…they think I am cool because I am the “principal” and I think they are the most beautiful creatures I’ve ever met. I’ll keep you post…either way, here on out we talk happy. I’m willing to make a lot of changes to get there. I’m armed with IGG, dexamethazone and more to keep my body from going into the den of destruction.

I also bought the six day early result but may bug CCRM to do an early blood test. Oi.


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