I made a headboard – and now I have a massive headache

So back when we were in our NYC apartment I bought a bed that had storage underneath. No headboard because it was meant to be sort of a full size day bed that would fit nicely with Alex’s crib. When we moved to Atlanta I put this bed in the smallest bedroom we have (it is small – I’d say 12 x 14 – maybe a little bigger). The room is right next to the washer dryer and often my clean, unfolded laundry just piles up on it which makes my husband pissed off and me feel like a failure. So, in a burst of energy I decided to redecorate this room. Starting with a new headboard. But I didn’t pick just any headboard – I picked this one:


I had Barry (my handyman who is known as my DAY husband) put it together in about and hour.

But I’m not great with sewing or batting or well, anything like this. I went to the fabric store to have a peek yesterday and became even more confused than ever. What color? The room is painted a boring yellow. I can change that easily but…..I have so many duvets in red or pink or yellow with pink. I cannot go patterned or exciting with this headboard cover unless I can take it off (make a few). So….my mom is coming to visit (need I say more).

Anyone with ideas for a small room that gets a lot of sunlight?

I’m not great at decorating and I just freakin need help. End of story.

I hope I didn’t bore some of you to tears so that you never, ever come back.

Because that was the most boring post I’ve ever written. Hands down.

I’ll write another that will be a bit more interesting – hey, a LOT more interesting. I’m going to tell you a story. The real story.


2 thoughts on “I made a headboard – and now I have a massive headache

  1. I don’t know if I’m too late — but my suggestion if you are keeping the walls yellow is to go with a neutral fabric. It’s easier to change the bedding or wall color than it is to recover the headboard.

    How about cream, off white (yes there is a difference), beige or dove gray? You can always have fun with the material like raw silk or velvet. And then use a fun color for the piping like red, hot pink, or maybe even chocolate brown. Take your favorite bed spread and match it to that. I like red & yellow together — as long as they both aren’t super bright then you’ll scream “McDonald’s” — but if one or both colors are muted then they are lovely together.

    That’s my two cents — hope it helps. Good luck & post a picture of the finished product.

  2. Not too late – I am a complete slacker. I was even thinking tile. I will post and you (if you would be so kind) maybe you could give me some pointers!! I like the color ideas. I am waiting for my mother to come to visit who actually knows how to us a sewing machine! ha. Thanks for the tip! XO

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