Green. Too green for me but let’s push the comfort zone

It is just a design but I don’t like it. I’m forcing myself to keep it up. Who knows why but you know what? I love the snow feature.

Living in Georgia means I get very little snow and when we do, these folks act like the world is coming to a fast end. 3 inches and all milk and bread and canned grits get SOLD out at Krogers across the city. I roll my eyes as the child who grew up near Buffalo, NY. 7 feet? Now, I’ve seen that and it was FANTASTIC. Even then I think the stores stayed open and everyone just reveled in a snow day.

Give me snow anytime but for now, it is on this little website. The green one.

I put my wedding photo for a change – a very happy day. I had just had a huge amount of eco friendly (don’t need trouble from you environmentalists so we’ll stop that at the pass) confetti essentially poured over my head. It was cute. I laughed and thought….hmmmmm. Being ecofriendly just ruined my hair and put crazy flecks all over my gorgeous deep, dark roses.

This is sort of a non post because I have zero to complain about (so far but hey, it is early).

I’m going out to spend some money today – home depot and best buy. Pine straw and a present for my lovely husband who brought me breakfast in bed. At the rate he is going I might have to put out.

Non babymaking sex is just hard to imagine – what is all that about?

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