Advice for the infertile.

Run. Don’t walk (don’t stroll, don’t meander) to CCRM.

Why bother locally? Why bother at all when the cutting edge stuff, the best lab in the world (arguably) and the best stats are in Denver. Nice town. Traffic shows the general feel of the city – they don’t cut you off, they let you in. They WAVE!

Denver is a nice town, full of nice people who have no idea that just down the street in Lone Tree that there exists a fertility center that is just knocking the socks off the rest of the country and the world.

I’ve been to three clinics – visited over 7 for consultations and so far my best results have been at CCRM. I won’t knock NYFI because they gave me (child mentioned!) my son. I will forever love them and think of them on his birthday and truth told, on my other days as well.

But I wish I had gone straight to CCRM 2 years ago when I began my quest for #2. Then again, if the first IVF had worked I would not have my Alex. I am a huge believer in the idea that things do NOT happen for a reason. I think we make things happen. We will them to happen through our thoughts, through our actions and I totally disagree that there is some being up there who would for a reason make one couple childless and let crackho #13456 have a baby. But that is another discussion for another time.

My advice is if you are young (under 33) and you are going for IVF, your best local clinic isn’t a bad idea but if you are in your mid thirties with a few losses under your belt – don’t dick around. Head straight to the best (my opinion). They aren’t pricier, in fact, they are even less than a few of the other clinic in their league. One thing they have above the rest is that they give you individual attention that I’ve never seen anywhere else. They manage your cycle down to ever little injection. They watch you like a hawk and for me – a woman with an AMH of .48 (not good) and an elevated estrogen level (meaning it is hiding a much higher FSH) ….for me to get 11 eggs and have 8 mature is what you call a miracle. A CCRM miracle.

I’m biased, I know. But I read everything and I can tell you point for point why I’d choose CCRM over any clinic in the nation for an older gal especially.

Nah, I don’t work for CCRM, I help pay their salaries, though!

Edited to add. CCRM does not believe in immune issues. I do. So I have another suggestion and will devote an entire post to who I’d recommend you see for treatment, diagnosis. I’d not recommend one clinic in particular and the name is a type of alcoholic beverage. I have my reasons and they are good ones….but not now. I’m hungry.


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