Progesterone in sesame oil

I’m getting this injection 1x per day in the rear end.  The shot is long – in fact, here – have a look – the longer syringe is the the one – it is about 1.5 inches long – long enough to hit the muscle.  Trust me – it is scary to look at and the oil goes in painfully slow….  What I love the most about these shots is that the oil forms a hardened lump underneath my skin – after many shots I start to get a little shelf on my buttock.  It takes a very long time to go away.  About six months, actually.

I’m still feeling crampy and I have dark blue veins covering my breasts.  Then again – I’ve been here before only to have it disappear but for now, something is trying to do something.  I’m sure of that.Needles and their friends

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