Lining building

A number of you asked so the answer is tamoxifen – I know NYFI in NYC uses it and another RE I met recently told me that he would use it to help women with lining issues. If you want his hame, I am happy to refer. I do not know this man well (he is dating a friend) but has had 20 years experience and believes that the HCG booster and having sex prior to transfer helps prime the uterus to be more receptive. If you need the name, I will refer you – just make a comment (I’ll keep it private). I’d recommend this guy but not until I know he is as amazing as he seems. Seems like tamoxifen could help a lot of women with lining issues. Not sure why they won’t give it a try – heck, we did Saizen (growth hormone) off label and that worked like a charm for me (not so much for others, it appears) so why not go with tamoxifen if it works (and it appears to work well!


2 thoughts on “Lining building

  1. Hi Suzanne! Just a little input here. I am a true believer in building lining through acupuncture too. I found a great acupuncturist here in Seattle and went twice a week for two months up to our transfer.

    Hope all is well and I always read your posts. XOXOX

  2. Hi Marina – I did acupuncture with my son and I am 100 percent positive he would not be here otherwise. I have had too many D&Cs so acupuncture doesn’t help much sadly. I probably need a GC but going to try tamoxifen. I found a doc who will give it to me…but I’m getting old! Thanks for reading – I’m watching too many people struggle these days. Sad stuff…

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