Turns out three of the immature eggs that were icsi’d ALL fertilized. That means I have four embryos vitrified at day 2. I had a regroup with Dr. Schoolcraft who basically said that we were straddling both cohorts of eggs – one was going fast and the others slow. He had to make a call to either push for more or settle for the five that we had…..and of course he blamed the lack of fertilization on my poor egg quality. I know my body best and will have to disagree….I mean, I’m sure the eggs of a 41 year old are not exactly fresh but I don’t think the lack of fertilization had anything to do with that. We will do another cycle at CCRM with a change in protocol (probably beginning in June). Next month I am going to do a low drug stimulation (150 gonal F and 150 menopur) and then do an IUI. That is how I got pregnant in November so why not give it a go!?

I had a long chat with my old RE in NYC who told me that he believes testing can throw out perfectly good eggs. He actually said that a few times when people had come in to his practice wanting to do gender selection that he found a large percentage of them had all abnormal cycles. No normals – like me! He said that on one occasion they put the abnormals back in and got….a normal baby. Now my head is reeling…


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