What is with this number… Every single time I have done IVF I have had 7 (except RBA). At least I am consistent.

I am waiting for the fertilization report – trying to remind myself that we had great fertilization with ICSI every single time (except RBA).

I’m planning to take a month off and go back in June for another cycle – bundle the eggs together for testing and then we will have a 6-8 week wait for the results. I’m nervous. It won’t be until September at the earliest before I have a transfer.

I originally thought I might do a few IUIs in between the wait for the results but I can’t really afford to have another miscarriage – mentally or physically. So I’ll wait, and hope I have one normal in there.

My friend had a great cycle but unfortunately only 2 of her 9 embryos fertilized normally. She is devastated….all the money, time and hope. She will try again if this doesn’t work out but it is sad. It was most likely a sperm issue – what a horrible result on the best ever cycle for her.

IVF is by no means guaranteed solution – it is a maddening, horrible process that sometimes leaves you with nothing except an empty bank account. The odds are sometimes brutally against us (to be honest, I did not even ask what mine were because I am sure they are something like 20% or less). Dr. Schoolcraft can be doom and gloom so I think it has been very important for me to take what he says with a grain of salt. If he didn’t think he could get me pregnant I wouldn’t be cycling there. That is something to hold on to.


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