Ok – I disappeared

There were reasons…quite a few but the big one is that I was getting a little tired of dwelling on it. While I was waiting to cycle (delayed one month by a bad cold my little boy gave me!) I decided to live my life a little bit. I’m just starting a cycle, actually. Today is day 4 of stims and tomorrow I am headed to Denver. By myself. I’m sort of excited about spending a week by myself but I’m also filled with nervousness about leaving my son. He is two now and has terrible separation anxiety. I’ll be gone for a week. I also have terrible separation anxiety, it seems.

Anyway – I started the estrogen priming protocol. I had 8 antral follicles at my one day work up which is DISMAL for me. You can expect to get as many eggs as baseline antral follicles. I want to CGH – test the chromosomes so I need and want more! I also have a record of producing abnormal embryos so… need more than 8. Thankfully on Sunday 19 antral follicles appeared as if by magic. I don’t even know what to think – could I actually produce that many eggs. I highly, highly doubt it. But if so….I’ve got a lot of questions for my other REs.

The fact is – my fertility has gone off a cliff in the past year. I’m on the road to depletion of my ovarian reserve – like most 41 year olds. But I have hope! My dear friend J (I won’t post her name) has recently become pregnant by CGH – and it is looking like twins. She is 41.5 – retrieved about 40 eggs total and only two of them were normals…both went back in two weeks ago and she got a positive beta (and a high beta!) yesterday. To say I am thrilled is putting it lightly.

So I have hope…

I’ll post from Colorado.


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