I debated writing this entry for awhile now – but it is still on my mind and thus needs to be written. I started this blog for a number of reasons. It seemed like a lot of my friends and family didn’t really understand IVF and, rather than tell each and everyone of them my life story and where I am at with the process, this blog seems like an easy solution. I also really want help people going through this. My experience will no doubt help out someone else down the line. 1 in 10 couples will suffer through some sort of infertility at some point in their lives and if my story can help someone out there in any way..well that is what it is all about. But I’ve said all that before….in some post somewhere. I never imagined that this website might chronicle events such as miscarriage. Miscarriage is by far a more personal thing and it sucked. But you know what the worst part of it was? Knowing that some of my friends and family were reading this blog and yet they didn’t even offer one word of condolence. Nothing. It REALLY bothered me. I know it was the holiday and people are busy and they don’t know what to say – but would it have been so difficult to write a one liner – “hey, I’m sorry”?? Most of my friends were great….just knowing that they were thinking of me meant so much. A few of my friends did say some rather idiotic things but, if the roles were reversed, I might have said the same thing. “Hey, you have Alex – be grateful for what you have” Man. As if I am not grateful EVERY SINGLE DAY OF MY LIFE. Every day is Christmas with this kid around. And it is because of him that this loss still has me in tears. Yeah, here I am complaining that some of my friends/family ignored my miscarriage and in the same paragraph I complain about some of the ones who did acknowledge our loss!! Can’t win with me…

Anyway – I guess I’m just disappointed that some of my friends just ignored one of the most painful times in my life. It just feels like the world got a lot more lonely for me in some way.


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