Husband in the dog house

I never did elaborate on that post, did I?

Well – after 7 years of nagging, crying, begging, ignoring, pleading with my husband he is quitting smoking. In August he quit and promised me that would be the end. He started when he was 14 years old so I have every right to worry that he will be impacted at some point by this nasty habit. So, imagine my delight when he decided to quit on August 30th….and imagine my dismay to discover at the end of September that he had started smoking again…all the while denying that he had had a relapse. I caught him red handed and there was big trouble. After another two weeks of begging, crying and pleading he decided to start chantix. It is going very well and I have a feeling this drug is going to be able to finally break this horrible addiction…and to further encourage my dear sweet husband to keep his resolve, I offer 1,000 US dollars from his bank account if you can provide me with a picture or any other evidence that shows he has started smoking again. How about that, husband?


One thought on “Husband in the dog house

  1. I thought you are going to offer your dog house to whoever give you evidence that your husband is smoking again… anyway… just be sure to inform him that you are taking the money from his bank that will surely encourage him to stop smoking or you can also give him some kind of reward if he quit smoking 3 months straight or longer… that will surely teach that old dog a new trick… lol

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