Infertility has been a gift to me.  Infertility has also been the hardest, most soul wrenching thing I’ve ever gone through.  If you have never gone through this, let me tell you – it will test every limit, magnify every doubt and try to crush your spirit.  I belong to an internet message board devoted to IVF and let me tell you – those women have been through it.  I’ve read story after story of the kind of suffering that is unimaginable…and to get something that comes so easy for most of us – to have a child.  I’m inspired on a daily basis by these women and I know, relative to some, I didn’t suffer that much.  It took me 3 cycles to get a child and some have been trying for years and years.  Posting there requires sensitivity…and in fact, just mentioning the word pregnancy or referring to your child needs to be well thought out.

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