The beginning of my blog should start at the beginning

I got married in August 2005.  Three weeks later I was at an appointment with a reproductive endocrinologist.  No reason to believe that there was a problem – I was 37 and healthy…and my husband was mystified if not down right annoyed with my insistence that I “kick the tires”.  He wanted to try for a year but I couldn’t shake the feeling that something might be wrong.  Call it intuition.  Turns out you should trust your intuition.

2 failed clomid cycles later (one chemical – hey!  better than nothing) and endless hours of waiting in the crappiest doctor’s offices on the planet (no names but it is in NYC and on 57th street). I was given the diagnosis – endometriosis and possibly blocked tubes.

One afternoon in November 2005 my boss found me sobbing at my desk and called me into his office.  I was certain that he was about to let me have it for being out of the office so much at dr. appts.  Instead he told me, confidentially, that he and his wife had tried for six years and had six IVFs and that she was currently pregnant with boy/girl twins.  He gave me the name of his RE and told me to call his doctor.  His doctor is a huge name in NYC with celebrity clients and a Fifth Avenue address.  It wasn’t going to be cheap but I felt desperate.  I immediately called the office and was told that the waiting list was six months long. When I mentioned that I was calling at the suggestion of Mr. B (my boss) I was told that the doctor had cancelled his lunch plans and would see me in two hours.

My husband I met Dr. F and had a long conversation – the plan would be to remove the endometriosis and to explore my uterus/tubes with laprascopic surgery.  When my husband inquired about the chances of me actually getting pregnant, Dr. F told us – “I could get this desk pregnant”.  We still laugh about that comment.

Surgery was scheduled for the beginning of December…and finally I felt like we had found someone that could help us in our quest to have a child.

God, I was naive.


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